This website is home to a free online resource, aimed at Key Stage 2 children (age 7-11 years old), that explores some of the changes that farmers in Cornwall have witnessed within living memory.

On this website you will find a series of digital stories (2-3 minute long, narrative based films) made with farmers around Cornwall.  To accompany these stories are a range of discussion points and activities to further engage children with Cornwall’s farming heritage.

Activities on this website cover different areas of the 2014 National Curriculum but focus on 3 central areas; English, History and Art. The resource has been produced by Visual Artists Kim Pilgrim, Ali Roscoe & Sarah Chapman, and so uses a range of creative techniques to further learning through Art.

This resource was created as part of ‘Tallys an Tir; Traditions & Stories of the Land;’ a project led by Sarah Chapman for the Institute of Cornish Studies and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and FEAST Cornwall. For more on this project please visit www.cornishstories.com.

The projects education strand was supported by the charity FACE (Farming & Countryside Education) whose aim is to educate children and young people about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.


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