Using this resource

This resource consists of a series of digital stories, with corresponding activities.

For each of the 10 digital stories there are 6 sections to help you explore the story and the themes within it. These should be worked through in order for each story.

     1. About the storyteller

A brief description of the storyteller and context for the story. We advise reading out this short paragraph before watching the story.

     2. What to look for…

Details and themes for children to watch out for whilst the story is being played.


     3. Ideas for discussion…

Suggested ideas for discussion; to be done in pairs, small groups or as a class. We then recommend watching the story a second time to allow pupils to pick out further details they may have missed the first time.

     4. Ask a local farmer…

If possible it is great to hear stories first hand. For those wishing to invite a farmer into class, this section provides some basic questions to help explore the same topic. Before inviting a farmer in to school, we recommend going through these as a class and getting pupils to add their own questions.

      5. Activities

Step by step guides to a range of activities that explore each subject further. These relate to different areas of the National Curriculum as indicated in the teachers’ introduction.

     6. Get hands on…

Ideas for furthering the activity through Art.

Each story and the corresponding activity can viewed under the ‘Stories & Activities’ page, from the top toolbar.

If you require assistance using this resource, and/or would like to request a pdf version of the resources and downloadable digital stories, please fill in the form below:


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